In our experience sometimes we find that most business have very capable and lovely staff but perhaps not with a bookkeeping nature. In which case we have clients that rest easy having us visit onsite and review and clean the file.

This enables you to keep your reliable friendly staff and have us analyse, review, train or support your staff, keeping the file clean for your accountant.


Why a rescue?
Unfortunately when we are trying to keep our business above board and secure its profit margins, cashflows and especially maintain staff and customer support. Time gets away from us, we find that before we know it, its tax time again.
As time continues, you can become largely stressed, dread the call from the Tax man, unsure how to proceed?

We offer whatever we can as quickly and effectively as possible:

  • Have shoeboxes full of receipts and need it entered and organised
  • Have years worth of filing never undergone some organisation
  • Have years gone by and the Accountant and ATO are knocking on your door
  • Have Excel files and the accountant needs some reports for your Tax Lodgements
  • Payroll categories in your file untrue and incorrectly setup causing your reports to be inaccurate
  • Bank Accounts or Credit Cards that just wont reconcile to its true time balances